e. Supported side neck massage series

In this lesson you will learn a series of techniques called ‘supported side neck massage’. The techniques in this lesson can be the main part of your neck therapy session (at least it is for me). The series is called like this a the clients head is turned to one side and supported by your hand. This series exists of a series of compression techniques (including movement) focused on one side of the neck.

In this part of the ‘Neck Therapy’ allows you to connect and focus on areas that are sensitive, painful and need more attention. It is easily possible to spend 5 – 10 minutes on each side.

In this lesson there will be 3 video’s covering more techniques.
1. Supported side neck massage and body mechanisms
2. Close up of techniques
3. Bonus technique


The way you will support the head will be important. Make sure the client feels comfortable with the turning of the head. Don’t turn the head too far and make sure head is ‘stabile’.


Video 1: Supported side neck massage and body mechanisms
> A detailed explanation of how to turn and stabilize the head; so client feels comfortable and save
> The ‘right’ pressure
> Choosing your ‘body position’
> Technique: ‘Thumb circles’ explained in detail + right body mechanism
> Technique: ‘holding spots’ explained + right body mechanism
> Technique: ‘finger circles’ explained + right body mechanism
> Variation: ‘Finger vibrations’ explained
> Technique: ‘squeeze and pull’ explained + right body mechanism

Video 2:
Supported side neck massage close up
> Same techniques as in Video 1 but in a closeup
> In depth explanation of how to use thumb
> How to be precise + direction of pressure


  • Same as with the focused shoulder massage; this series really allows you to work those areas (sensitive, stiff. painful) which need more attention
  • Relaxes tissue + calming down nervous system
  • Stimulating ‘energy’ flow (Sen) in massaged areas client
  • Releasing tension, pain, blockages (physical/emotional) in massaged areas client
  • Creating more space and freedom


One side: 5 – 10 minutes