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Welcome to the online course of Dynamic/Rocking Thai Massage.

In this online course you learn the dynamic/rocking style of Thai Massage. Add this style in to your massage and you will be more popular, attract more clients and able to ask higher rates for your massage. You can use this as a complete separate (stand alone) massage, or you can blend this in to your normal Thai Massage.

Many of my clients literately call this massage mind blowing and having experiences they never felt before within bodywork. Now it is possible to learn this massage online form a highly experienced and skilled teacher; Remco. He has been teaching Thai Massage for more then 15 years and taught more then 3.000 students worldwide.

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Why learn this massage?

Just imagine after a massage your client opens her eyes and tells you that this is the most amazing massage she ever had. This is feed back I often receive and the secret is the dynamic and rocking techniques. Dynamic and Rocking Thai Massage is an incredible exciting style which will bliss out your clients. Add this style in to your massage and you will be more popular, attract more clients and able to ask higher rates for your massage.

In Dynamic/Rocking Thai Massage we use continuous movement, rocking, waving, harmonic movements, dynamic stretches, joint mobilizations into our massage. As a therapist you will have more variation, be more effective and more therapeutic.

In my own massages I use movement and rocking techniques all the time I found that they have incredible benefits.

  • Rocking helps client to enter a deep state of relaxation; helps to rejuvenate the body and to heal itself
  • Has a more deeper and profound effect on both body & mind
  • A very effective massage for clients who are in pain or have injuries
  • A great tool for sensitive areas and clients who are unable to relax within the massage
  • Helps to free stagnation, to stimulate and to recover freedom and mobility
  • Very helpful with joints problems, releasing blockages
  • Client will have experiences unknown to other forms of bodywork

There will be a great focus on ‘Quality of Rocking & Touch’. Integrated in this course you will learn the secrets of rocking and touching using our 3 principles of ; Foundation, Core and Expression.

By applying these principle you can rock & touch in a way that is kind, gentle, deep, connected and helps to create a listening touch.  To ‘be able’ this touch like this is one of the secrets to be successful as a massage therapist.

1. Foundation:
The right body mechanisms; every  movement starts from you. How to use your bodyweight/chi instead of force. How to relax within your massage
2. Core:   
How to connect and work/massage from your center, not only physically. Also energetically/spiritually, how massage out of kindness/love
3. Expression:
The expression is the result of the foundation and core; a rocking that is relaxing, soothing, kind, loving, and resonates respect, listening and is soft and deep at the same time

What will you learn:

  • More then 90 exciting rocking & dynamic techniques like; harmonics, mobilizations of joints, spinal waves, rocking, dynamic stretches and more
  • Different variations of these techniques and sometimes alternative body positions
  • Understand how to integrate rocking and dynamic techniques into your massage and how to turn ‘normal’ techniques into rocking techniques
  • A better understanding how to be more fluid and smooth during your massage and in your transitions
  • Different techniques and ideas to start the massage with
  • How to use Rocking and Dynamic techniques for feet, ankles & legs
  • Rocking & dynamic techniques for hips and how to make ‘standard’ hip techniques more effective
  • A beautiful dance (leg on knee series 1) containing of 6 stretches performed in a amazing flow
  • A dynamic approach (Knee on leg series 2) for massaging the upper body
  • Fetal position; Techniques to assist in releasing back pain/tension using rocking/dynamic techniques
  • How to bring movement into shoulder massage. Help to release tension/pain/constrictions more effective and creating more mobility
  • In depth explanation (in theory and practice) of the principles of Rocking.
  • Right body mechanisms, listening touch, to massage from physical and spiritual core. How to be soft and deep at the same time  
  • Different exercises to prepare and to help your movement. Which allows you to move with more grace and more fluidity
  • Two full massages of an hour
  • A number of bonus techniques
  • A special bonus section about how to create beautiful transitions within your massage

Course materials:

  • A total 70 videos (around a total of 13 hours) of course material: with precise and clear
  • In most videos one or more techniques are highlighted; and all videos are shot and edited to give you best possible learning experience. Clear close ups of hand positions, explanation of body positions, high lighted instructions
  • 3 Videos with in depth explanation of  the principles of Quality rocking & touch
  • 1 video about the theory, background, benefits, precautions, of this massage
  • 2 videos with a full massage of 1 hour
  • 2 Videos with exercises for you
  • bonus video’s; with additional and more advanced techniques
  • 1 bonus video about creating smooth transitions
  • Possible to ask questions directly (by text message) to teacher (by messenger and WhatsApp)

So are you ready to rock your massage to a new level; click here to buy this course

Or click here buy it together with our online Chi Nei Tsang course for just 179$     

Feedback from students

“Remco is a complete teacher with vast and wide knowledge of bodywork. I highly recommend his courses, for both beginners and advanced practitioners, he is a great teacher to learn with, refine and develop your experience in massage and high quality bodywork.

“Remco has an in depth knowledge of the body on many levels and his teaching is of a high quality”

I experienced Remco as an amazing experienced and skilled teacher”

“Remco is the real deal in every sense of the word. He is the kind of teacher and body-worker that you could spend your whole life searching for”

“Remco is such a competent & sweet teacher”

“Remco is a fantastic teacher. He has a great sense of humor combined with vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge”

“As a professional massage therapist myself I have learnt a lot of Remco’s insight and style of bodywork. Definitely ta great teacher for continued professional development!”

“I’ve had the great pleasure of studying with Remco many times at Blue Garden, Chiang Mai. It is not often that one finds teachers of this caliber. He is a wonderful communicator, astute in his observations and meticulous in his attention to detail. An erudite master of his craft, he is generous in his willingness to share his vast knowledge of bodywork and yoga which he has honed over many years of study and innovation”

“Remco has an in depth knowledge of the body on many levels and his teaching is of a high quality. A great teacher for those who mindfulness, authenticity and profound knowledge”


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