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Welcome to the online course ‘Upper body massage with a focus on Neck Therapy’. 

In this online course you learn a beautiful and effective massage to treat the clients’ upper body (which includes Neck Therapy). Your clients will highly appreciate and love this massage as it zooms into those areas all our clients are struggling with, like: Shoulders, Neck, being stressed and feeling anxious. As a result you will become a better, a more equipped and a more popular therapist.

You can use this massage as a ‘stand alone’ massage or weave it into your existing work. This course will give you a range possibilities as a massage therapist. You learn many techniques, tools and approaches on how to massage your clients’ upper body (Neck. Chest, Shoulders, Head and Face). Which is an area of the body that almost all our client have challenges/pain/tension/issues. This massage is not only beneficial for these problem areas, but it also just feels amazing to receive…….. Some of my clients call it a massage from heaven…..

Including in this course you also learn the most important ingredient of a great massage; a ‘listening’ or ‘compassionate’ touch. I will teach you how to improve your quality of touch, which is not only important within in this massage but also will improve your other massages. 

If you have any questions during the course (or after) it is possible to contact the teacher by WhatsApp or messenger (by text)

This course I especially designed to give you as a therapist a wide range of tools to massage your clients’ upper-body in a beautiful and effective way. These days almost everybody has tension, restrictions and/or are having pain in these areas. So it is essential, for you as a Massage Therapist (or an aspiring one), to have many techniques and tools/approaches to massage these areas. This course will provide that. It is possible to blend this massage in to your existing massages and/or offer it as a stand alone 45 minute massage. In this course you not only learn: Neck Therapy, Chest and Shoulder massage, but also Head and face massage and I will also go into detail how to improve your quality of touch; the main secret to be successful as a therapist. 

Having taught this massage for more then 15 years, now the time is here to take it online. We put a lot of time and effort in to make this the best course possible; with very clear videos (including close ups), detailed and thorough instructions. Now it is possible to learn this massage online form a highly experienced and skilled teacher; Remco. Who has been teaching Asian forms of Massage for more then 15 years and has taught more then 5.000 students worldwide.

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Why learn this massage?

Many of my clients call this a massage from heaven….. This massage will not only ‘send your clients into Nivarna’ during the massage but they also will feel the difference in their body after the massage; less pain, more mobility, less restrictions, a deep sense of relaxation. All our clients struggle with tension/pain in the Neck area (chest/shoulders), are stressed/anxious so to have the tools and the approaches to assist them is essential for every massage therapist. 

Of course you will be leaning many interesting, creative and different techniques like compression; stretches; mobilizations; muscle energy techniques. But you also will learn how to improve your quality of touch. As many of our clients are sensitive or are sometimes even afraid to be touched in the neck; how you will be touching is very important. If your touch can resonate kindness, trust, listening your client will feel more save and is able to surrender and let go within the massage. A better quality of touch, or ‘listening/compassionate’ touch, will not only improve the quality of your massage but also the result.  

So integrated in this course you will learn the secrets of a good quality touching; which I call compassionate or listening touch; using our 3 principles of ; Foundation, Core and Expression.

By applying these principle you massage in a way that is kind, gentle, deep, connected and helps to create a listening/compassionate touch.  To ‘be able’ to touch like this is the main secret to be successful as a massage therapist.

1. Foundation:
The right body mechanisms; learn how to use you body in the most effective way with the least effort. How to use your bodyweight/chi instead of force. How to be relaxed within your massage
2. Core:   
How to connect and work/massage from your center, not only physically. Also energetically/spiritually, how massage out of kindness/love
3. Expression:
The expression is the result of the foundation and core; your touch is compassionate/listening, relaxing, soothing, kind, loving, and resonates respect and is soft and deep at the same time.

What will you learn:

  • Many techniques (around 27) how to effectively massage the neck
  • A very beautiful and relaxing, meditative massage of shoulders, chest, neck, head, ears and face
  • More then 85 techniques, 21 techniques for shoulders and chest, 27 techniques for the neck; like massaging, stretches, rotations, waves and a variation of techniques (44) for head, face and ear
  • How to develop the right touch (soft and sensible) for this special massage
  • The right way how to use your body, body weight and balance (body mechanism) during a massage. So you are able to relax your body and you are able to massage almost effortlessly without creating tension.
  • The right body mechanism, how to use your breathe and how to massage from your center
  • Learn about the ‘scope of practice’, precautions, why we need to let go of the ‘no pain no gain’ mentality, the definition of ‘Therapy’
  • Learn how and what to communicate with your clients; supportive communication

So are you ready to learn this massage; click here to buy this course

Special offer: click here buy for just $229 (a discount of 88$) all our 3 courses: Dynamic Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Upper-body Massage

Course materials:

  • A total 53 videos (a total of around 9 hours) of course material: with precise and clear instructions
  • In most videos one or more techniques are highlighted; all videos are shot and edited to give you best possible learning experience;
  • Clear close ups of hand positions, explanation and videos of body positions, high lighted instructions
  • 2 Videos with in depth explanation how to create the right (listening) touch
  • 3 videos with helpful guidelines regarding this massage, like; Contra-indications; how to communicate; definition Therapy, pain explained, scope of practice and more  
  • 24 videos (almost half of the videos in the course) dedicated to Neck Therapy (31 techniques)
  • Also included 6 videos with many 39 techniques for face and head massage
  • 15 videos with shoulder (18 techniques + variations) and chest massage (10 techniques)
  • 1 video with alternative techniques to massage chest women
  • Bonus videos with extra techniques…..
  • Possibility to ask questions (through messages) by messenger or WhatsApp
  • Possible to ask questions directly (by text message) to teacher (by messenger and WhatsApp)

So are you ready to learn this massage; click here to buy this course

Special offer: click here buy for just $229 (a discount of 88$) all our 3 courses: Dynamic Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Upper-body Massage

Feedback from students

“Remco is a complete teacher with vast and wide knowledge of bodywork. I highly recommend his courses, for both beginners and advanced practitioners, he is a great teacher to learn with, refine and develop your experience in massage and high quality bodywork.

“Remco has an in depth knowledge of the body on many levels and his teaching is of a high quality”

I experienced Remco as an amazing experienced and skilled teacher”

“Remco is the real deal in every sense of the word. He is the kind of teacher and body-worker that you could spend your whole life searching for”

“Remco is such a competent & sweet teacher”

“Remco is a fantastic teacher. He has a great sense of humor combined with vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge”

“As a professional massage therapist myself I have learnt a lot of Remco’s insight and style of bodywork. Definitely ta great teacher for continued professional development!”

“I’ve had the great pleasure of studying with Remco many times at Blue Garden, Chiang Mai. It is not often that one finds teachers of this caliber. He is a wonderful communicator, astute in his observations and meticulous in his attention to detail. An erudite master of his craft, he is generous in his willingness to share his vast knowledge of bodywork and yoga which he has honed over many years of study and innovation”

“Remco has an in depth knowledge of the body on many levels and his teaching is of a high quality. A great teacher for those who mindfulness, authenticity and profound knowledge”


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