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Welcome to our online Yoga (and consciousness movement) lessons/practices,

After teaching Yoga classes for over 15 years to thousands of students of so many different nationalities I am happy to share my lessons online. Students visiting my studio often expressed how much they enjoyed my lessons (the creativity, new and different movements, the variety) and said that they would love to have videos from my lessons. Although I was always hesitant (maybe imposter syndrome) as I feel there is nothing special in them I decided to listen to this request. So I am very happy to share 24 lessons with you; 11 half hour lessons and 13 one hour lessons. There are lessons with different intensities, different focuses. What all lessons have in common is that they are all flowing practices (some slow some more fast)     

O yeah and off course all videos are very clear and are having great sound


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My expression of Yoga

My practice is always changing, evolving all the time and I enjoy bringing new and different movements from other modalities in my practice. These online lessons/practices  are a beautiful expression of my practice (of 30 years) and my teaching of were I am now. I almost regard this as kind of a testament of 15 years of teaching.

I might not be a ‘standard’ yoga teacher as I am not the most flexible person in the room, but I believe it is good to see that yoga teachers (and also practioners) come in many forms and shapes. And that signs of ‘improvement’ in ones practice is not necessary becoming more ‘flexible’ but becoming more aware and connecting on a deeper level to your body and mind.  

Many clients describing my lessons as rather unique; Feedback I often receive (also from very experienced practioners):
> ‘wow there were many movements in there that I never did before’
> So happy that there is many variety and innovative movements in the lessons
> I felt and experienced my body in a complete different way
> Great to see that there is so much creativity in lessons


If you have any questions  when you are practicing with me (or after) it is always possible to contact me by WhatsApp or messenger (by text)


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What will you receive:

    • A total 24 lessons/practices of Yoga: videos are very clear and with high quality sound
    • Eleven lessons of 30 minutes and thirteen lessons of 1 hour
    • All practices are filled with exiting and creative new ways to move. including challenging mobility protocols. What all have in common is that all practices are flow based
    • Different practices have different intensities (different levels). Depending on what kind of a session you are aiming for. There are sessions which are more gentle, but there are also sessions who are ‘strong’
    • Every practice will have different ‘theme’ or focus: Some examples: Forward bend flow; Flowing deeper in backbends; Hip Mobility flow; ‘Animal infused flow’; Flowing into pigeon; Strong warrior flow etc 
    • Most flow will combine a components of flexibility, strength and mobility
    • But mot important all practices are just very fun to do…….
    • Possible to ask questions directly to teacher (by messenger and WhatsApp)

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Overview lessons

    • Eleven lessons of 30 minutes:
      > Flowing with gentleness
      > Forward bend flow
      > Hip opening Flow 1
      > Finding your balance
      > Relaxing ground flow
      > Sun Salutations with surprises
      > Hip opening flow 2
      > Flowing into Pigeon
      > Animal Infused Yoga Flow
      > Flow like a warrior
      > Strong Warrior Flow
    • Thirteen lessons of 1 hour
      > Gentle Flow
      > Flow with focus on Hip Mobility
      > Flow with focus on Upper body
      > Balance focused flow
      > Hip + Core flow
      > Move deeper into Backbends
      > Sun Salutations with core
      > Animal based flow
      > Forward bend flow (incl. core + back bending)
      > Warrior Flow
      > Flowing into Pigeon
      > Slow Hip Flow
      > Another Hip Flow