Yoga Chiang Mai:
200 Baht, 1 week 950, 1 month 2000

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Unique: 1 month foundation course Thai Massage:
October 2018

Advanced Thai Massage:

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Daily Yoga, Thai Massage training and Abdominal Chi Massage

“(Thai) Massage is a sacred dance between client and practitioner in which out of intuition, fluidity, creativity and love we allow our clients to reconnect to body and spirit”


Hello welcome at Blue Garden Thai Massage training and Yoga Chiang Mai. The knowledge in Thai Massage, Abdominal Chi Massage (inspired by Chi Nei Tsang) and Yoga gained by vast experience intensive and continuous studies, and teaching more then 1.000 massage students and 6.000 yoga students I would like to share with you.

Students who studied Thai Massage, Abdominal Chi Massage and Yoga in Chiang Mai with me at our school know me for mine precise and thorough teaching done in an informal and light hearted atmosphere. After all learning should be a joy full experience. (Chi Nei Tsang)

Advanced Thai Massage courses (incl. Dynamic Thai Massage)

We offer you high quality (Private + Group) Advanced Thai Massage courses and training (general advanced, stretching and joint mobilization, side position), which will make you a far better Therapist, change your perspective on Thai Massage and propel you into a new dimension of touch, body-mechanisms, creativity and fluidity.

One of our most amazing massage courses at our school is the Dynamic/Rocking Thai Massage; Adding this style into you massage will turn yo into a very popular massage therapist, and allows you to bring movement and fluidity in your massage. The listening touch, this course helps you to understand how to make your touch more softer and deep, more intuitive and more caring. supported by the right body mechanisms

Abdominal Chi Massage and neck therapy courses

Probably the most powerful form of bodywork, our very popular Abdominal Chi massage training, every 2 weeks we have a 6 days group course and also different courses. The soothing Head/Neck therapy giving you wide variety of techniques of how to work neck effectively and savely. (inspired by Chi Nei Tsang)

All our courses are also available as a private course 

Daily Yoga in Chiang Mai + Detox with Bow

We offer a variety of daily yoga classes in Chiang Mai (only 200 Bath) from stronger to softer yoga classes and also private yoga. Special yoga deals; 1 week (7 days) 950 baht; 1 month 2.000 Baht; 10 times card 1.450 Baht. We also offer a full 3 days detox program (2 Yoga classes a day, massage, cupping, green smoothies, and more) under the caring guidance of Bow, Now our detox Chiang Mai program include a infrared sauna.


We do not only provide training but we also offer a variation of high quality treatments (Chi Nei Tsang,  Dynamic Thai Massage, body Awareness etc)

“Testimonial from 12 years experienced therapist”
“Finding Remco was a revelation. The techniques he taught me allow me to work as deeply as I need with clients, using no muscle power. By being able to stay relaxed during a massage, I can provide effective massage without hurting myself. I can give more massages and have a longer carreer. Also, by my staying relaxed, clients are able to accept more pressure and I am more receptive to changes in their body”
(read more testimonials here).

Daily Yoga

aAt Blue Garden Yoga Chiang Mai we offer daily Yoga classes on walk in basis. There are up to 2 lessons a day. We also offer a 3 days detox (Yoga, massage, special prepared drinks etc). Click here for more information

Abdominal Chi Massage
(Chi Nei Tsang)

Learn this amazing massage at Blue Garden Chiang Mai. Every 2 weeks we run a 6 days groupcourse at our school. We also offer a condensed course and private courses. For more info click here
for Chi  Nei tsang

Dynamic Thai massage

Dynamic and Rocking Thai Massage is an incredible exciting style which will bliss out your clients. Add this style in to your massage and you will be more popular, attract more clients and able to ask higher rates for your massage. Click here for more info

Advanced Thai Massage Trainings

We offer a high quality advanced Thai Massage courses;
Advanced Stretches
General adv Thai Massage,
Dynamic Thai Massage
Advanced Side position,
Advanced Neck Therapy
Listening touch
Click here for more info

Intensive Thai Massage Training (1 month)

An unique opportunity, only once a year. Study the foundation of Thai Massage in depth with this one month intensive training. Click here for more info

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