Start of the massage

In this lesson we will start with the actual massage and you will be learning the first technique (2 way leaning) of the course.

In this lesson there will be 2 videos. The first video focuses on some important points to consider before the massage (for example creating the right environment for the massage). In the second video you will learn the first actual technique of the course


This lesson will contain of 2 video’s:

Video 1: Introduction + start of the massage
> Creating the right environment for the massage
> How to make your client comfortable
> When and where to use of oil/blanket/pillows
> Plus some other ‘things’ to consider
> How to adjust shoulders client

Video 2: The first technique: Two way leaning
> Which body position to choose
> How to be able to relax and creating a listening touch
> The importance of direction of breathe
> How to begin your massage (hand on chest)
> In detail explanation technique; ‘2 way leaning’
> Right body mechanisms for this technique


  • To create an environment where your client feels save and comfortable
  • First techniques are helping your client to enter a deep state of relaxation
  • First touch helps to build trust with your client


The first 2 techniques (hand on chest + 2 way leaning) will be around 1 – 2 minutes

If you have questions or you want to follow us:

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