h. Stretch side series

In this lesson you will learn another series of techniques which go together really well; called the stretch side series. This series consist of 3 different techniques. The first 2 techniques need to be done on both sides and are technically more difficult to perform; details will be important with these techniques.

The first technique is a ‘side stretch’ which will flow into a head/neck roll. The last technique is called a ‘crossed arm stretch’

In this lesson there will be 2 video’s covering more techniques.
1. Stretch side series (2 techniques)
2. Crossed arm stretch


This note can be placed by any stretching or mobilization technique. Clients have a wide variation of how mobile/flexible they are within the neck. So be aware of these differences between clients. It doesn’t mean that one neck is more ‘healthier’ then another, they are just different.


Video 1: Stretch side series
> A detailed explanation of technique ‘Side lift’
> Importance of he right body mechanisms
> Transition to neck roll
> A detailed explanation of technique ‘Neck roll’ + right body mechanisms

Video 2:
Crossed arm stretch
> Transition to this technique
> Technique: ‘crossed arm stretch’ explained in detail
> Different body position depending on clients flexibility


  • Creating movement and mobility
  • Helps to relax tissue and to calm down nervous system
  • Releasing tension, pain, blockages (physical/emotional) in massaged areas client
  • Creating more space and freedom


Side lift: repeat 2 – 4 times

Head/neck roll: repeat 2 – 4 times

Crossed arm stretch: repeat 2 – 4 times

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