g. One side lift series

In this lesson you will learn a series of techniques: called the one side lift series. First part of the series is a mobilization technique where you will roll the head from side to side with your forearm. Then you bring the head to one side and perform 3 techniques on each side. These techniques are effective to help create more movement and mobility in the neck.

In this lesson there will only be one video with 4 techniques
> One side lift series


Video 1: One side lift series
> A detailed explanation of technique ‘Fore arm roll head’ + right body mechanisms
> Technique ‘Side way lift head’ explained in detail + right body mechanisms + Alternative position
> Technique ‘Side stretch’ explained in detail + right body mechanisms
> Alternative for ‘side stretch’ using your foot
> Technique ‘Knuckle slide’ explained in detail + right body mechanisms


  • Creating movement and mobility in neck clients
  • Helps to relax tissue, releases tension plus calming nervous system
  • Creating more space and freedom


Fore arm head roll: repeat 2 – 4 times

Side ways lift: repeat 2 – 5 times

Side stretch: repeat 2 – 4 times

Knuckle slide: repeat 3 – 6 times

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