f. Slide series + Neck tilt

In this lesson you will learn another series of techniques: which I call the back neck slide series. And after these series (or during this series) you can include a technique called ‘neck tilt’. The slide techniques are friction based; which means we will slide over tissue (and creating friction); the neck tilt is a stretch for the front of the neck. In the sequence the neck tilt fits in nicely after or during this series.

In this lesson there will be 2 video’s covering more techniques.
1. Slide series (3 techniques)
2. Neck/head tilt


Video 1: Back neck slide series
> A detailed explanation of technique ‘Fingers slide’ + right body mechanisms
> Technique ‘Finger over spine’ explained in detail
> Technique ‘Squeeze and slide’ explained in detail
> Your body position and how to place arms client

Video 2:
Head/neck tilt
> Transition to this technique
> Technique: ‘Head/neck tilt’ explained in detail
> Body mechanisms of this technique
> Importance of bringing movement in your ‘Neck Therapy’ sessions


  • Stimulating ‘energy’ flow (sen lines) + Calming down nervous system
  • Releasing tension, pain, blockages (physical/emotional) in massaged areas client
  • Creating more space and freedom


Back slide neck series: 1 – 2 minutes

Head/neck tilt: repeat 2 – 4 times

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