e. Walking techniques

In this lesson you will be learning ‘walking’ techniques. Walking means that you shift your weight from one hand to other (palm walk) or on foot to other (feet walk). One or both techniques are the last techniques of the shoulder section and from there we continue with ‘neck therapy’

In this lesson there will be 2 video’s.
1. Feet walk shoulders
2. Palm walk shoulders


Video 1: Feet walk technique
> How to do the technique ‘feet walk’ + right body mechanisms
> Which part of the feet to use and direction of pressure
> Best body position and how to be relaxed with your feet

Video 2: Pam walk shoulders
> Detailed explanation of technique + right body mechanisms
>  Direction of pressure + how to be soft in your hands


  • Releasing tension, pain, blockages (physical/emotional) in massaged areas client
  • Creating more space and freedom


Each technique for around 1 minute

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