d. Wave series

In this lesson you will learn a beautiful series called: ‘The Wave series’. In this series you will learn 3 techniques which can/should be done in a sequence. In this series we are not only using our hands but also will be using or feet. This series is a combination of mobilizations and stretches for both neck and chest.

In this lesson there will be 4 video’s:
1. How to lift clients’ head safely
2. The ‘Wave’
3. The ‘Fish’
4. ‘Chest opener’


It is not possible to do these techniques with all your client. It depends how your body relates to the clients’ body. If your client is much more heavier then you, probably this series will not be possible.


Video 1: How to lift head safely
> How to lift head safely so creating space for our feet under the upper back
> Importance of creating length when lifting the head
> Right hand position + body mechanism for lifting head

Video 2:
‘The Wave’
> Right body mechanism for this technique
> First step to learn ‘the wave’ without using your feet
> Technique: ‘The wave’ explained in detail
> What to do when client helps you with movement

Video 3: ‘The Fish’
> Transition from wave to this technique
> How to place the feet (so they are not pointy)
> Technique: ‘The Fish’ explained in detail
> When not to do this technique
> How to support head client

Video 3: ‘Chest opener’
> Transition from ‘Fish’ to this technique
> How and where to place feet
> Technique: ‘Chest opener’ explained in detail
> When not to do this technique


  • Creating mobility and movement in neck client
  • Creating  novel input for the nervous system
  • Releasing tension, pain, blockages (physical/emotional)
  • Creating more space and freedom chest and neck


The wave: 1 – 2 minutes

The Fish: Hold 20 – 30 seconds (2 or 3 times)

Chest opener: repeat 2 – 4 times (hold 10 – 20 seconds)