d. Arms on lap series

In this lesson you learn a really ‘cool’ series of techniques called the arms on lap series. It is called this way as the arms of your clients are overhead and are resting on your lap. In this series you will learn around 5 techniques (+ a bonus technique) while you massaging area(outside) scapula (teres major/minor). Your sitting position will be important in this series.

In this lesson there will be 2 video’s covering more techniques:
1. Arms on lap series (5 techniques)
2. Bonus techniques arms on laps series


Video 1: Arm on lap series
> How to make transitions to this series
> Your body position and how to place arms client
> Technique: ‘Finger circle and rock’ explained in detail
> Technique: ‘Side ways pull’ + right body mechanisms
> Technique: ‘Hand lock’ explained in detail + a variation
> Technique: ‘Thumb press’ inside scapula (double + thumb walk)
> Technique: ‘Squeeze’ explained in detail + variation with pull

Video 2:
Bonus technique
> Extra/additional explanation of rocking technique
> Bonus technique in the same series


  • Stimulating ‘energy’ flow (sen) in massaged areas client
  • Relaxing tissue + calming down nervous system
  • Releasing tension, pain, blockages (physical/emotional) in massaged areas client
  • Creating more space and freedom


Techniques in video 1: around 3 – 5 minutes.


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