b. Techniques Face Massage

In this lesson you will learn a great number of techniques for face massage. Although the sequence is not important is will help you to remember the techniques more easier. Also it is not necessary to do all the techniques when giving a face massage

In this lesson there will be 2 videos. In the first video the techniques will be explained in detail and also the body mechanisms. The second video will be shorter and will be a close up of all techniques.

In this lesson there will be 2 video’s covering more techniques.
1. Detailed explanation techniques + Body mechanisms
2. Close up techniques


Video 1 : Detailed explanation techniques + body mechanisms

Face Massage

      1. Nose bridge slide
      2. Eye socket slide
      3. Eyebrow slide
      4. Full eye slide
      5. Skin pull nose
      6. Circling 3rd
      7. Tapping 3rd eye
      8. Rainbow fore head
      9. Raindrops
      10. Heal slide
      11. Circles Temples
      12. Circles Jaws
      13. Slide line 1
      14. Slide line 2
      15. Slide line 3
      16. Slide line 4
      17. Roll skin chin
      18. Thumb slide chin line
      19. Finger circles chin line
      20. ‘Jaw point’
      21. Fore arm slide

    Ear Massage

      1. Heal slide
      2. Thumb circles top earlobes
      3. Finger circles under earlobes
      4. Thumb turn
      5. Ear scissors
      6. Ear circles

Video 2: Close up techniques
> Same techniques as video 1 but with close up of hand position


      • Releasing stress and create a deep state of relaxation
      • Helps to smoothen and relaxing skin


All techniques: anywhere between 5 – 20 minutes

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