a. Start of Neck Therapy

Welcome to the next section of our course; ‘ Neck Therapy’. This section is the main part of the course. In this section you will learn a great number techniques and variation of techniques for massaging the neck. Techniques like: compression; mobilizations, stretches, muscle energy techniques and more.

‘Therapy’ according to the Cambridge dictionary means: ‘a treatment that helps someone feel better, grow stronger etc.‘ So with neck therapy we are trying to help our clients to feel better; so that after a treatment they feel less pain, more freedom, easier to move. Or maybe just feels relaxed, more present or more grounded.

The most important aspect within ‘Neck Therapy’ is your touch and its quality. If your touch and approach will be one of kindness/love/listening/connecting your ‘neck therapy’ session have a much more deeper effect and the result will be more profound.

In the this lesson you will learn the first technique and some important points to consider when doing neck massage.

In this lesson there will be 1 video.
1. Hair out of way move


Video 1: Hair out of way move
> Transition from ‘shoulder massage’ to ‘Neck Therapy’
> The importance of ‘Quality of touch’ and ‘Neck Therapy’
> How to move and massage using right body mechanisms
> Technique: ‘Hair out way move’ + right body mechanisms
> How to assist clients in relaxing their neck


  • Helping the client to to let go of tension and to ‘relax’ their neck
  • Collecting hair client and place it ‘out of the way’


Hair out of way move: around 1 minute

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