a. Chest massage techniques

Welcome to the next section of our course: Chest Massage’. The name gives it already away in this section you learn how to massage the chest in prone position. In this lesson you learn a great number of ‘chest’ techniques such as palm walks, thumb pressure, rocking techniques

In this lesson there will be 2 video’s covering a number of techniques.
1. Chest Massage 1
2. Chest Massage 2


Not all techniques are suitable for all women in this lesson. In the next lesson ‘chest techniques for women’ we will cover techniques especially for women.


Video 1: Chest massage 1
> In detail explanation of of technique: ‘Upper chest walk’
> How to do the technique ‘Chest rock’ + body mechanism
> Technique ‘Palm walk chest’ explained and right body mechanism

Video 2: Chest Massage 2
> Spider hand principle explained
> A detailed explanation of technique: ‘Sternum circles’ + variations
> How to do the technique ‘Sternum rock’
> In depth explanation ‘double thumb press sternum’ + alternative
> Detailed explanation technique: ‘thumb press intercostals’
> Being mindful of breath client with the different techniques


  • Stimulating ‘energy’ flow chest client
  • Relaxing tissue + calming nervous system
  • Releasing tension, pain, blockages in chest client
  • Creating more space and openness for the breath


Each technique for around 1 – 2 minutes. Total for all techniques between 5 -10 minutes

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