Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Chi Massage)

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Welcome to the online course of Abdominal Chi Massage,

also known as Chi Nei Tsang. In this online course you will learn how to give a full Abdominal Chi Massage (Chi Nei Tsang Massage) in a save and beautiful way.

Why learn this massage?

Off all the massage I encountered Abdominal Chi Massage (or Chi Nei Tsang)) is the most powerful and most profound. It works directly into to the core of your client; not only physically but also emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Many of my clients literately call this massage mind blowing and experiencing a depth they never felt before within bodywork. Now it is possible to learn this massage online form a highly experienced and skilled teacher; Remco. He has been teaching this massage for more then 15 years and taught over 1500 students worldwide.

With Ch Nei Tsang you learn how to release blockages, both emotional and physical in the abdominal region. By using specific massage techniques, pressure points and reflex zones you will be able to free this stagnated Chi and help to increase the flow of energy to the internal organs to and assist your clients in their healing process.

There will be a great focus on ‘Quality of touch’. Integrated in this course you learn the secrets of a touch that is listening, kind, gentle, deep and connected. A touch that is Lazy, Invisible and Listening. To ‘be able’ to touch like this is one of the secrets to be successful as a massage therapist. To develop this touch you will learn the 3 principles of: Foundation, Core, Expression.

1. Foundation:
The right body mechanisms; that massage comes more effortless. How to use your bodyweight/chi instead of force. How to relax within your massage
2. Core:   
How to connect and work/massage from your center, not only physically. But also energetically/spiritually, how massage out of kindness/love
3. Expression:
The expression is the result of the foundation and core; a touch that is kind, loving, resonates respect, listening and is soft and deep at the same time

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What will you learn:

    • More the 55 techniques and variations of these techniques
    • How to desensitize the skin,
    • How to open Tan Tien and balancing the wind (chi) gates to the organs
    • How to release the diaphragm (including compressions and stretching)
    • How to stimulate, massage and tonify the large intestines
    • How to help to release tension from Small Intestines; which storing many negative emotions
    • How to massage, tonify and energize each major organ; like liver, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach, spleen, pancreas, bladder, heart and lung
    • Learn how to develop the right sensitive touch, to be intuitive and to feel energy and energy blocks: A touch that is Lazy, Invisible and listening
    • In depth theoretical foundation for this massage; definition, background, benefits, anatomy
    • Theoretical framework; Pressure zones organs; difference and relation between Yin and Yang organs
    • Different Tools to include in your massage; 6 healing sounds, inner smile, colors
    • Guidelines for communication, precautions and some general guideline

Course materials:

    • A total 59 videos (around a total of 14 hours) of course material: with precise and clear
    • In most videos one technique is highlighted; and all videos are shot and edited to give you best
      possible learning experience. Clear close ups of hand positions, explanation of body positions,
      high lighted instructions
    • 3 Videos with in depth explanation of  the principles of Quality of touch
    • 7 videos about the theory, background, framework, communication, guidelines, precautions, tools like inner smile, healing sounds
    • 7 bonus video’s; with additional techniques for psoas, diaphragm, large intestines. And with alternative position to massage from
    • An instruction manual as a PDF file, with clear pictures and short instruction of all the techniques
    • Additional resources. In some videos you will find links to additional resources of information which will give you extra information
    • Possible to ask questions directly to teacher (by messenger and WhatsApp)

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Feedback from students

“Remco is a complete teacher with vast and wide knowledge of bodywork. I highly recommend his courses, for both beginners and advanced practitioners, he is a great teacher to learn with, refine and develop your experience in massage and high quality bodywork.

“Remco has an in depth knowledge of the body on many levels and his teaching is of a high quality”

I experienced Remco as an amazing experienced and skilled teacher”

“Remco is the real deal in every sense of the word. He is the kind of teacher and body-worker that you could spend your whole life searching for”

“I attended the  course in abdominal chi massage. It was a very good course and I highly recommend it! Remco is such a competent & sweet teacher”

“Remco is a fantastic teacher. He has a great sense of humor combined with vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge”

“As a professional massage therapist myself I have learnt a lot of Remco’s insight and style of bodywork. Definitely ta great teacher for continued professional development!”

“I’ve had the great pleasure of studying with Remco many times at Blue Garden, Chiang Mai. It is not often that one finds teachers of this caliber. He is a wonderful communicator, astute in his observations and meticulous in his attention to detail. An erudite master of his craft, he is generous in his willingness to share his vast knowledge of bodywork and yoga which he has honed over many years of study and innovation”

“Remco has an in depth knowledge of the body on many levels and his teaching is of a high quality. A great teacher for those who mindfulness, authenticity and profound knowledge”


Course Content

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1. Theory
2. The start of the massage
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3. Abdominal Exploration
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4. Tan Tien + Windgates
5. The Diaphragm
6. Small Intestines
7. Large Intestines
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