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First Blog; Change and Open Mind

Welcome to our my Blog, in the coming time I am committing myself to write regular posts about Yoga Practice, Thai Massage, Bodywork in general, ideas and opinions (of which I have many), skepticism about my field of work and claims being made within Massage and Yoga, life in Chiang Mai and probably more.

I once attempted writing a blog more then 12 years ago, but it was not for the right motivation and not based on grounded experience. For more then a decade I have been teaching Yoga, Thai Massage, Abdominal massage, giving treatments, I did not keep track of how many students I have taught but it must be in the range of 3.000 – 5.000. I have been really blessed with the students I met (and taught) from different walks of life, different cultures, different ages all eager to learn Thai Massage or to deepen their Yoga practice. At the same time I have come across so many ideas, believes, persisting myths that are existing within the world of Massage and Yoga, that have given me so much inspiration to research, a lot to think about and now also to write about.

From when I started teaching Thai Massage and Yoga till now, I can hardly believe how much my teaching and practice has changed. When I started I had so much pride in my practice and thought I knew it all. But the more I taught and the more I practiced the more I understood how little I actually knew. So this really opened my mind to look critical at my teaching, practice and to keep researching, studying, investigating. Nowadays there are so many great sources of information out there (facebook pages, internet sites). I also understand that how my practice and teachings are now, that they are a mere reflection of who i am today and the knowledge I have and that in another 5 years it can be different.

One of my favorite quotes: ‘It is good be born in a Church, but if you die in the same church something has gone wrong’ (Paul Grilley). Don’ t take the church in a religious sense here (not wanne offend any religion here). But if you been practicing Yoga or Thai Massage for a couple years and still doing exactly the same as you were taught it is time to look a more critical to what you are actually doing.

So when reading my Blogs I invite you to keep an open mind, some ideas might go against your believes or things you are doing, but it is good to challenge yourself and your ideas every now and then.




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